About Womentors

According to the Gender Equality Index 2019 Greece ranks last in EU28. The pay gap for equal work is high, women’s access to decision-making centers is limited, their access to the labor market is lower than men’s & is realized under worse terms. Responsibilities related to household & family care disproportionately burden women. Violence against women is a problem across Europe. The project involves multi-faceted empowerment of young women through training & capacity building leading to greater participation, decision-making power & transformative action in order to take full control of their lives in relation to their economic/resource base, the public/political arena allowed to them by society, the balance between work – family – personal life,  their health & wellbeing, their equal rights in the labor market and in all life sectors.  

177 female students will be trained as leaders & will organize within 2 years a set of empowerment seminars for 50 young women each, thus forming a nationwide network of 9,000 18-35 year-old women (5% from remote areas) who will participate in holistic women’s empowerment activities in 15 cities around Greece. 28 facilitators with strong empowerment skills will advise & coordinate them at regional level.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all training and empowerment sessions will only be available online during the academic year 2020-21. If public health conditions allow for in-person meetings in 2021-22, the seminars will be implemented as initially planned, in a blended version (combining live and e-learning). In addition, live teleconference with female mentors will be provided during the seminars. Furthermore videos of inspiring personal stories told mainly by women will be created and communicated to 35,000 women of all ages. Moreover, an awareness campaign for 4,000 girls and 4,000 boys aged 12-18 will be raised in schools.

In this context, the Lambrakis Foundation will a) develop and implement a sustainable model of empowerment and advocacy, b) design the content (health excluded) and methodology of the empowerment seminars and activities for women, c) will organize and manage the whole project, including the overall scientific framework and implementation and the communication of the project. Mission ANTHROPOS will design and implement the empowerment and scientific guidance on health issues.