About Womentors

The 2020 gender equality index ranks Greece in the last position of the EU-28. The pay gap for equal work is high, women’s access to decision-making centers is limited, access to work is harder than men’s and under worse circumstances, the care of the home and family is disproportionately borne by women. Violence against women is statistically significant.

WOMENTORS is a program that aims at the multifaceted empowerment of young women through education and capacity building for greater participation, decision-making, power and action, in order to take full control of their lives in relation to their economic activity, the public/political space at their disposal, the harmonization of work with personal time, the safeguarding of their rights at work and in all areas of their life and health.

177 young women are being trained as Leaders and will take the lead in October 2020, organizing within 2 years a series of empowerment seminars for 50 young women each. Thus, a nationwide network of 9,000 women aged 18-35 is created, who participate in holistic empowerment actions which in the year 2020-21 will be carried out online, while in 2021-22 will take place in person in 15 cities of Greece. 23 women with empowerment knowledge take on a coordinating and advisory role at the local level.

The Lambrakis Foundation undertakes the creation and implementation of a sustainable model of multiplying empowerment and advocacy, the empowerment of women (excluding the health sector), the organization, management, scientific framework and implementation of the project and communication. Mission ANTHROPOS undertakes the empowerment and scientific framework in matters of health.