Fund Operator

Active Citizens Fund for Greece has been jointly managed by the Bodosakis Foundation and SolidarityNow.

About Bodossaki Foundation:

Bodossaki Foundation was founded in 1972 by Prodromos Bodossakis Athanasiadis, who decided to use his property to promote education, health and environmental protection. In addition, the Foundation supports NGOs working with socially vulnerable groups. Bodossaki Foundation has a deep knowledge of the non-profit sector in Greece and since its establishment until today has managed more than € 450 million which have been spent emphasizing the reduction of inequality of opportunity, education of young people, improvement of medical and research infrastructure and promoting environmental protection.

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About SolidarityNow:

SolidarityNow (SN) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 to meet the needs and ensure the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups without discrimination. The headquarters of the organization are located in Athens, while extensive actions are implemented in Thessaloniki and the rest of the country. The organization’s vision is to improve people’s lives and empower them to claim a fairer inclusive society. The vision is put into practice through three key strategic pillars: a) Defending security and protection, b) Supporting livelihood opportunities and integration into the labor market, c) Enhancing the independence of civil society and defending the values ​​of an open society. To date, SolidarityNow has supported 300,000 people, both through direct implementation of programs and through donations to support civil society actions. Through its donations, SN has so far supported civil society organizations for the implementation of 73 programs, totalling €14.4 million.

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