Frequently Asked Questions for All Young Women



How many empowerment seminars does the program offer and how long do they last?

WOMENTORS was designed to offer a series of 4 large thematic seminars lasting 8 hours each. To the young women who will attend the seminars in the academic year 2021-22, these seminars will be offered in a 4-day course in person, if the health conditions related to the pandemic allow it.

Due to the pandemic, adjustments were made to the implementation of the empowerment seminars in the academic year 2020-21. The seminars took place in remote mode and for this purpose they were divided into 10 online seminars lasting 3 hours each.

What are the topics of the empowerment seminars?

The women’s empowerment seminars will be held remotely due to the pandemic for the academic year 2020-21 and will spread over 4 themes as follows:

Theme A: Training young women to access information about their rights, the current institutional framework, their defense mechanisms and structures and their ability to advocate.

Theme B: Empowerment, information and training of young women for the cultivation of self-esteem, self-confidence and their mental and physical health and for the prevention and treatment of violence against women.

Theme C: Training for the financial empowerment of young women with the aim of: a) cultivating their entrepreneurship thinking, b) strengthening their participation in decision-making centers and high-ranking positions and c) the harmonization of professional and personal / family time.

Theme D: Training for the financial empowerment of young women with the aim of: a) enhancing their participation in the labor market, b) achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work and c) protection of motherhood but at the same time avoiding suspending or slowing down a woman’s career and dynamism due to motherhood.

I am a young woman aged 18-35 but I am not a university student. Can I participate in the program?

Yes, you can. The program is aimed at women 18-35 years old (students or non-students).

I am a disabled young woman. Can I participate in the program?

If you are a woman aged 18-35, you can participate.

I know a young woman aged 18-35 who lives in Greece and her mother tongue is not Greek. Can she participate in the program?

If she speaks Greek or English, she can contact us by sending an email to . The program does not include empowerment in languages other than Greek, but it is possible to find a solution -especially if there is a significant demand- or to direct her elsewhere.

In which cities of Greece is the program offered?

During the academic year 2020-21 the program was offered remotely throughout Greece due to the pandemic.

In 2021-22 it will be offered in person in the following cities: Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras, Volos, Rhodes, Rethymnon, Heraklion, Komotini, Alexandroupoli, Mytilene, Corfu, Zakynthos and Ermoupolis. You can also see them on the map.

Those young women who do not live in one of the cities above will be given the opportunity to attend the seminars online during the academic year 2021-22.

I am a young woman aged 18-35 and in the city where I live the program is not offered. Can I take part in it?

The nature of the program is such that it is better to participate in person. For this reason we offer more than 1,400 seminars in 15 different cities of Greece. However, if WOMENTORS empowerment seminars are not offered in your city, you can attend the series of seminars online.

What qualifications do I need to participate in the empowerment seminars that will take place in my city?

All you need is to be a woman 18-35 years old. Your other qualifications do not matter for your participation.

How are the candidates selected for the seminars?

It works on a first come first served basis when applying in combination with the predetermined goal of the program for the participation of a certain number of women per city.

Is there a charge for attending the seminars?

No, empowerment seminars are offered for free.

When and where will the seminars take place?

Each Leader chooses the dates and times of her seminars freely, but still taking into account the program of the majority of young women who will participate (eg courses, exams, etc.). The days and hours of the seminars will be agreed within the group so as to serve the schedules of all its members.

In total, in the face-to-face version there will be 4-day seminars during the academic year taking place in university facilities whereas in the online version there will be 1-2 seminars per month through a remote communication platform.

Can I choose which of the empowerment seminars I will attend or is it mandatory to attend them all?

The aim of WOMENTORS is to offer total empowerment to young women and not to focus on a specific area (eg only financial empowerment, only entrepreneurship, only access to positions of power, only combating violence, only balancing professional-personal time, etc.). Because we want to cover the full range of gender stereotypes and discrimination, it is important to attend all the seminars and it is not possible to attend only those that interest you the most. The certificate that you will receive at the end covers the entire course and it is not possible to receive separate certificates. In addition, you will only receive it on the condition that you attend all the seminars throughout.

Will I need to do any work as one of the participants in the empowerment seminars?

During the seminars you will be invited to participate in activities that will take place on site in collaboration with other young women. In addition, you may be asked to participate in a team project that you will undertake to prepare within a minimum of one month.

What will be the benefit for me from attending these empowerment seminars?

You will activate forces, develop skills and gain access to knowledge, information, networks and services so that you can have better control of your life, make important decisions that concern you and make strategic choices.

Upon completion of your participation in all the seminars you are expected to be able to:

  • know your rights and facts about discrimination against women
  • defend your rights and make use of existing support mechanisms & legislation
  • enter the labor market on an equal footing with men
  • claim your professional rights fruitfully and effectively
  • make full use of your skills and potential for professional development
  • claim equal pay for equal work
  • negotiate roles at home on equal terms
  • demonstrate zero tolerance for violence
  • take care of your mental and physical health
  • raise your children free from gender stereotypes
  • counsel and support other women who experience inequalities and / or violations of their rights due to existing discrimination and stereotypes.

In addition, it will enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence, your self-efficacy and your ability to communicate effectively with others while developing a range of soft skills that will be useful in many areas of your life.

Will I get certification if I attend all the empowerment seminars?

You will receive a certificate of completion of the entire empowerment course from the Lambrakis Foundation. This certificate will be accompanied by a description of the content of the seminars and the knowledge and skills you have developed by participating in them.

Special certification is restricted to Leaders only as they are trained and practise in young women’s empowerment for 2 years.

I wanted to apply to become a Leader but I missed the deadline. Can I become one now?

The Leaders’ positions have been unfortunately filled for the rest of the program. 

What if due to the COVID-19 pandemic the scheduled seminars cannot be held?

The nature of the program is such that it is best to conduct the seminars in person. In addition, coexistence in the same place promotes the development of dialogue and exchange of ideas among the participating young women. But as we all know, it is possible for both education and empowerment, as well as networking, to be achieved remotely through the use of technology. Therefore, in case the need to protect the health of each of us but also of public health requires it, the scheduled seminars will be held through the distance education platform of WOMENTORS. For this purpose, you will have all the necessary instructions at your disposal in time.