The Scientific Committee

The core team of the Scientific Committee consists of eleven people specializing in education and empowerment, psychology, medicine, human resource management, business administration and with extensive professional experience and community participation activity.

The Scientific Committee is responsible for the development of content, methodology and tools for the empowerment of young women, the training of 23 Coordinators and 177 Leaders, the provision of advisory support to Coordinators and Leaders, the monitoring, supervision and assurance of project quality.


The Coordinators

The role of Coordinator is undertaken by 23 women with empowerment knowledge, who are active in the field of education and adult empowerment. Their responsibility is to advise the Leaders, both in matters of organization and coordination of their work, as well as in the implementation of the seminars. The Coordinator, who is in the same city as the Leader, supports 2 to 12 women, taking care to counsel and guide them discreetly and empower them to carry out their work. The Coordinator is present at the youth empowerment seminars organized by her Leaders so as to support them if and where needed. In addition, she assists in the organization and coordination of seminars, in the promotion of the project in the local media and in the development of synergies with reputable partners that promote issues of equality. At the end of the two-year project period, the Coordinator confirms the certification of Leaders.


The Leaders

177 young women are trained as Leaders and take action for gender equality.

Leaders are trained remotely throughout the project. Having at their disposal all the necessary means and tools and the appropriate guidance, Leaders undertake the responsibility to empower young women. Each Leader is responsible for organizing empowerment seminars for 25 young women each year (50 in total for the 2 years of the program). This creates a network of 9,000 women aged 18-35 who participate in empowerment activities throughout Greece. The seminars during the academic year 2020-21 will take place online, while in 2021-22 they will be held in university halls, if the health conditions related to the pandemic allow, at a time chosen by the Leader taking into account the obligations of the women to whom they are addressed (examination, work, etc.). At least two Leaders from the same city work together to organize these seminars assisting each other under the supervision and guidance of their Coordinator.

Finally, the Leaders, in collaboration with their Coordinator, confirm the certification of their team members and undertake the selection and training of a young woman who will act as their successor in the program. Having trained at least 50 young women in their seminars for two years, they are certified as Leaders in empowerment skills.

For more information see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.


Young Women

Young women 18-35 years old participate in empowerment seminars organized by the Leaders. During the year 2020-21 women from all over Greece participate remotely. In 2021-22 the program will continue to be offered remotely but only to women who do not live in one of the 15 cities where face-to-face seminars will be held. These women are sought mainly through the friendly environment of Leaders and their places of educational, social and professional activity.

The young women who attend the seminars receive a relevant certificate of attendance for all the thematic areas in total. It is not possible to attend individual seminars as these are offered as a course of holistic empowerment of women. Participants in the seminars, have the opportunity, if they wish, after the successful attendance of all empowerment seminars, to receive certification as Leaders provided that they join the distance Leaders Training Program and then organize empowerment seminars with the participation of 50 young women over a period of 2 years.

For more information see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.