Τhe aim of the project is the empowerment of young women and the creation of a network of women who will practice lifelong and autonomous advocacy for women’s rights.

The 9,000 women who will benefit from the training and empowerment activities are expected to:

  • be aware of their rights and data on discrimination against women
  • defend their rights and make use of existing support mechanisms and legislation
  • advocate for the needs of women
  • undertake women’s empowerment initiatives
  • enter the labor market equally with men
  • claim their professional rights
  • make full use of their skills and dynamics for professional development
  • claim equal pay for equal work
  • negotiate roles at home on equal terms
  • show zero tolerance for violence
  • take care of their good mental and physical health
  • raise their children free of gender stereotypes.

The 177 women who will be trained as Leaders are expected to play a leading role in the field of gender equality, while at least 35,000 women who will watch the videos presenting positive female role models will set higher professional goals and boost their self-confidence.

Equality awareness material will be created for secondary education which will be used in class by 8,000 boys and girls aged 12-18 on the occasion of Women’s Day. Adolescents who will be informed and sensitized at school are expected to have a greater interest and willingness to take action or be supported on gender issues in the future.

There will also be an indirect impact on student and youth communities within universities where young women empowerment seminars will be organized.