The women’s empowerment seminars spread over 4 themes as follows:


Theme A

Training young women to access information about their rights, the current institutional framework, their defense mechanisms and structures and their ability to advocate.

Theme B

Empowerment, information and training of young women for the cultivation of self-esteem, self-confidence and their mental and physical health and for the prevention and treatment of violence against women.

Theme C

Training for the financial empowerment of young women with the aim of: a) cultivating their entrepreneurship thinking, b) strengthening their participation in decision-making centers and high-ranking positions and c) the harmonization of professional and personal / family time.

Theme D

Training for the financial empowerment of young women with the aim of: a) enhancing their participation in the labor market, b) achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work and c) protection of motherhood but at the same time avoiding suspending or slowing down a woman’s career and dynamism due to motherhood.

Due to the pandemic, the empowerment actions will be carried out during the current phase (2020-21) remotely. They will be offered gradually from November 2020 to June 2021 in 10 online seminars, each of which will last approximately for 3 hours and will include a break. The seminars will be interactive. Upon completion of their attendance, participants will receive a certificate in Greek and English, stating all the topics approached and the skills developed.

The only condition for participating in the seminars is to be a woman aged 18-35 and to submit an application.

More information about the seminars can be found in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

If conditions allow, the seminars will take place during the academic year 2021-22 as originally planned, i.e. in blended form (in person and remotely through an asynchronous training platform) and will have the form of four 8-hour seminars.