The model

The design of the project is based on the development of a sustainable model of multiplier empowerment and advocacy based on networking.

The model is a network for disseminating knowledge and developing leadership and advocacy skills on equality issues. It has the form of concentric circles, where the Scientific Team is in the center, the 23 Coordinators are in the following circle, the 177 Leaders are in the next one and in the outer circle there are the young women participating in the empowerment actions. The knowledge and actions of the first circle diffuse as the circles grow. Young people from the external circle can, after training and successful practice, move to the Leaders’ circle.

177 young female university students will be trained as Leaders and will take action for gender equality, organizing holistic empowerment seminars for 50 young women each. This will create a network of 9,000 women aged 18-35 who will participate in empowerment actions in 15 cities around Greece.

These women will distribute videos promoting positive female role models to a total of 35,000 young women.

4,000 girls and an equal number of boys aged 12-18 will be informed about human rights, focusing on what is being violated in the case of women and the data on discrimination against women in Greece.

23 women with empowerment knowledge will take on a coordinating, advisory and supervisory role at the local level.