Antigone Tsarbopoulou

Antigone Tsarbopoulou holds a degree in Primary education, and, also, a degree in Greek Language and Literature. Her postgraduate studies are in the field of Education Sciences specializing in the Teaching of Language and Literature.  She has attended seminars and participated in workshops on theatre and the performing arts in education, both in Greece and abroad. She has also studied Acting and Dramatic Expression in the two-year workshop of the Experimental Stage of ‘Techne’ (Peiramatiki Skini) of Thessaloniki. She has co-designed and implemented a number of further-education programs for professional educators, and has worked in the research and writing of educational materials, among others: Skytalodromia Anagnosis (Reading Relay) EKEVI; Materials for the teaching of Literature for the First and Second Grades of High School (Gymnasium); Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority Children; Digital File, EKEVI: The Stranger, Images of the Other in Literature; Digital Scripts PROTEAS, Digits for the Greek language and language education: I explore the stories,, Centre for the Hellenic Language. Antigone is a member of the Ηellenic Network for Theatre in Education, facilitator and trainer in the ‘It could be me; It could be you’ project, implemented by TENet-GR, and UNHCR Greece. She has been one of the coordinators of the “Care and Act” programme (2015-2020) in Thessaloniki, a programme realised by the non-profit foundation “Desmos” and the Lambrakis Foundation aiming at cultivating the values of volunteerism, solidarity and active citizenship among students.

Since 1993 she hs been working as a teacher in primary education.